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I T A L Y – part 2

We went to the North, stayed in Ciena, then in Piza with its falling tower and reached Florence. In Florence we were shown Dante street, churches and cathedrals, Baptistery with wonderful Heaven Gates with golden frescoes. In Senioria square (parliament) there are statues of David (by Mickelandgelo) and Geracles. Statue of Neptun is near Palacco Veccio. Ponte-Veccio bridge is very interesting and ancient. In Uffitsy gallery there are che-d-euvres by Botichelly, Perugino, Rafael, Leonardo da Vinci.

Our last place was Venice. It was rather cold in March, cold wind was blowing when we were gliding in a gondola in the Venice canals along lonely and faded houses up. There was a smell of decay, the beautiful town of Venice was being corrupted by sea. In the centre there were wonderful palaces and squares. Palace of Dodges, Saint Mark cathedral the Bridge of Sighs. It is a unique style of beauty. The street of stores was very nice in the evening with lighted windows of coloured glass. By the way, we went by a boat to Morano before in the morning to see venecian glass and articles made of it. We stayed in a hotel in Mestre. The bridge between Mestre and Venice is 4 km long and is called “The Bridge of Freedom”.

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