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Annie Lenox

Annie Lenox? I think she is great. It means that no matter what your listening preferences may be, her music brings a measurable joy and pleasure, and provides a perfect soundtrack to virtually anything you may choose to do with your time. But first you want just to sit and listen. The pleasures keep revealing themselves every time Annie‚Äôs CD spins. Annie Lenox singer and musician, was singing before she can even remember. She has never been afraid to express herself in any way she sees fit. She has played around with a number of styles, musically and image-wise, with confidence and class. And of course, there’s that incredible voice of hers..

Best date Singing ‘Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves’ to the Queen at her golden jubilee concert in 2002.
Most romantic gesture When Dave Stewart, her long-term creative partner, first met Annie, his first words were reportedly, “Will you marry me?”
Favourite film Basements. Annie has been in several films, including Revolution, with Al Pacino, but this little-known TV film is consistently mentioned as her best role.

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