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I’m in Love with My Car

“I’m in Love with My Car” is one of Roger Taylor’s most famous singles. So do you? Are you in love with your car? What is the model do you prefer? No doubt the car is inseparable part of our life now. It became something like a part of us, like a part of the body or family member. I know people which take care of cars more then of one’s health. A car isn’t just a car, it’s something you get attached to and it is real truth.

Cars are meanness of the promises of technology and our dreams of better futures, cars became props in the world of fashion and society. As the number of cars increased, roadside buildings and signage were reinvented on a new scale and in a new style. They are designed to be viewed by the fast-moving driver rather than the pedestrian. So, which car do you prefer? European cars or Japanese cars? Manual or automatic transmission? Do you prefer a perfect and new car, or one that you can love regardless of it’s faults? Oh, if our cars could speak they would tell us a lot of surprising things. My car knows not only the way.

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