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Paris is my first Love (part2)

Yellow leaves rustled under our feet in Paris parks. Autumn, which we missed now, had the same smell, as in our childhood, but the romance of one of the most beautiful cities of Europe added a new charm. We traveled about night Paris on a boat, watching lights on both sides of the river. We were glad to recognize familiar silhouettes: Dorset museum, former railway station on the right and gloomy Notre Dame towers on the left.

Louvre also was an obligatory point of our plan, but it did not make a great impression: academic painting appeared a little dull after the bright and full of life museum of the impressionists. Rodin
Eifel tower – certainly, yes. We counted our time to get upstairs at the moment of sunset. We got down already in the darkness and went in the direction of the nearest underground station Trocadero, where we admired illuminated fountain and watched fearless teenagers, rushing on skateboards almost on the steps.
Fried chestnuts in the streets – we tasted them, but didn’t quite admire the taste.
Defaince region – a little Manhatten within European Paris. Direct road along Boulogne Forest leads to Triumphal Arch.
There remained a lot of places we couldn’t manage to see, but it only urges us to visit Paris not once more.

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