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Croatia travel 4 fun

Should you ever decide to visit the Croatia? No doubt, you should. We have spent splendid holidays in Croatia. It was really one of the best our Croatia vacation. Favorable, typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters makes you to take pleasure of your resting in full measure at any season. It is one of the sunniest and warmest coasts in Europe with warm summers and rainy and snowy winters. Croatia is one of the most wonderful lands with a clearest water, calm coves, seclude beaches, picturesque landscapes, and rocky islands. It’s the best place for those who love being active in the nature, who admire art and history. Dubrovnik, old city on the Aegean is absolutely beautiful, without question. You have to visit Dubrovnik in summer. Try Podgora, it’s a delightful stone-built port. There is a good selection of tavernas and fish restaurants in this picturesque seaside village, which is never crowded. In case you want to visit natural beauty just get Croatia travel tour to see Plitvica lakes located in a Croatian National Park, Krka river in Croatia’s Dalmatia region and more beautiful places. We’ve been all over the world and place Croatia at the top of the places we love the best!

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