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Shoes for fairies.

This is truly fairy-tale! Just look at these marvelous shoes that were made just from leaves and flowers.

I suppose that the any from fairies even the most fastidious fairy won’t say no to such magic floral shoes. The name of this fantastic master who makes such beautiful things is Michel Tcherevkoff.

“Shoe Fleur began with a leaf. A photograph I’d just taken for a client, turned upside down on the table, caught my eye in the studio one afternoon. “That leaf looks like a shoe,” I said out loud to no one in particular. I took the image, made a move here and a twist there and voila – there it was, “La Première,” my first “Shoe Fleur.” – Michael says.

All kinds of floral fantasies began dancing in my head, and I found myself leaving the studio each morning before dawn, to explore the flower market, and bring crates of fresh blooms back to play and experiment with. The results were beyond anything I could have predicted.

Shoe Fleur is about thoughts and ideas that come from an untraceable place in my mind where colors, forms, and fantasies become images…

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