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Italy Vacations

Visiting Italy, especially Roma, one hasn’t to forget to take Rome Daily Excursions occasion, saving the time and money you have the great chance to learn and to see more. It is really worth while.

This tour allows you to visit and compare two splendid villas from two different ages. The Villa Adriana dating back to Roman times and the Villa D’Este from the Renaissance period. Along the ancient Via Tiburtina, 30 km east of Rome
Ancient Ostia
The ruins of the port of ancient Rome reveal more than any other monument in the capital, what everyday life must have been like in ancient times. Situated amongst cypresses and Mediterranean pine trees
Roman Castle
Small medieval villages outside Rome. An opportunity to leave the metropolis and immerse yourself in the natural and artistic beauty of the Roman countryside
Capri and Naples
A taste of the Island of Capri, the pearl of the Mediterranean sea, situated in an emerald and turquoise sea. Capri has enchanted many people with the incomparable beauty of its grottoes, the richness of its vegetation and its characteristic small houses
Napoli e Pompei
A journey to discover art, history, folklore and archeology in one of the most typical regions of southern Italy, Campania Felix
In the green heart of the Umbria region, Assisi is a jewel of italian art and architecture, home of St. Francis one of Italy’s most loved saints. The real Italy, far away from the modern large cities, where small ancient villages are waiting to be discovered
A journey to discover the cradle of the Renaissance, where one’s breaths art in the medieval streets, in the craftmen’s workshops and in the Renaissance Palaces. Here the memories of the Medici family are united with the splendour of the works of illustrious artists as Michelangelo, Leonardo and Botticelli
Taste of Italy
Think of Italy: its history and culture. Dream of Italy: the rolling landscapes of the Renaissances artists. Imagine Italy: the food and the wine. Combine it all in this tour that takes you off the beaten track to experience just a taste of all that is so essentially Italian in part of Tuscany and Umbria

Umbria Region Wine tour
This tour combines visits to the vineyards of the Umbrian Doc wine region, with the opportunity to indulge in the natural beauty of the area and the local cuisine. In between wine tastings we’ll take scenic back-roads to explore enchanting villages, as well as some delightful medieval cloisters. A day of special memories awaits you.

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