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Travel to Bonn

Sure that going to visit some places you have to learn of historic aspects of the place you would travel to. It’s always very interesting and attractive to discover something new.

There are many impressive places on the world everyone would like to visit especially in Europe. Europe is known for its history, beautiful old towns, museums, shops, restaurants, nightlife, recreation and aesthetics.

Probably you’ve visited already most of them. However there are great number fantastic places you should discover for yourself.

For instance, Bonn. There are few cities in recent history that have to live with the label of ‘ex-capital city’, and Bonn is one of them.

The history of Bonn goes back beyond the Stone Age and according to different sourses this is one of the oldest cities in Germany which celebrated happily its 2,000th anniversary in 1989. This date is based on the date of its first written mention by the Roman writer Florus in 11 B.C.

Where to go and what to see

Bethoven’s Birthplace
This house located in the old town was where Beethoven was born. He spent the first years of his life here until the age of 22, when he left Bonn forever to go to Vienna. The house was converted into a museum in 1890, and has some authentic documents.

Poppelsdorf Castle
This building (1715-1753), built according to the plans of the French architect Robert de Cotte is linked to the Residence by a large road bordered with chestnut trees, the Poppelsdorfer Allee.

Bad Godesberg
This house is located to the south of the city, this verdant residential district was the seat of the embassies and ministries.

Rheinaue Park
The parkis located in the geographic heart of Bonn together with the CAESAR research centre and the Post Tower. With its surface of 160 hectares – 125 hectares on the left bank of the Rhine and 35 hectares on the right – it nearly measures up to the size of downtown Bonn.

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