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I love Corsica

Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. Corsica has a typical Mediterranean climate, beautiful harmonious landscapes, a deep tumultuous history and cultural traditions caused this place so attractive and enigmatic for travellers. The emblem of Corsica is Moor’s Head and you can see it everywhere on the islend on the Corsican flag, locally produced goods, official buildings and Corsican owned boats, airline CCM (Compagnie Corse Mediterranée) and the like.

There are many romantic legends and theories about the origin of this symbol, but it is most likely that the symbol dates back to the the 13th century, when the King of Aragon was gifted Corsica by the Pope after their victory over the Saracens.

Corsica today is one of the best destinations offering a huge range of interesting experiences, from skiing and snowboarding with accommodation in remote mountain huts, surrounded such stunning lakes as Capitello and Mello in winter to the walking across the Désert des Agriates ot famous GR20 trekking in summer.

Also car is a great way to see Corsica, that gives you the freedom to be where you want to be and to see what you want to see and you’re not at the whim of the public transport system. If you prefer a home base, you can stay in Ajaccio, one of the biggest city in Corsica, located on the seashore of the bay with a lot of very nice beaches and 5-20 minutes from the city centre. There is a ferry from Marseilles to Ajaccio that cab help you get there easy and relatively fast. The cheapest ferries start at Livorno (Italy), others at Nice, Toulon and Marseille. Also, you can use railway lines Bastia – Ajaccio and Bastia – Calvi. There are frequent flights from Paris, Marseille and Nice to the different airports in Corsica.

Discover the main highlights of each of the regions of Corsica, with many of the most interesting places to visit and natural sights:
Balagne – the west and north-west regions of Corsica
Bastia and Cap Corse – the northern peninsula
Bonifacio – southern Corsica
Corte – the mountainous centre of Corsica
Eastern Corsica – the eastern coast and villages

And finally here is very beautiful Corsican song that I love so much:


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